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New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Battle event featuring Armarouge in Pokémon Scarlet and Ceruledge in Pokémon Violet will run from February 3 to February 5

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are now available for Nintendo Switch. Read on below to learn more about one of the latest in-game events:

In a Tera Raid Battle, you’ll work together with three other Trainers to defeat a powerful Tera Pokémon before time runs out. The kinds of Pokémon encountered during Tera Raid Battle events will vary. Pokémon encountered in Tera Raid Battles may have a rare Tera type.

Check the Poké Portal for more information about what Pokémon are appearing in Tera Raid Battles.

– To encounter Pokémon featured in Tera Raid Battle events, you need to have downloaded the latest Poké Portal News. Poké Portal News will automatically download if your Nintendo Switch™ system is connected to the internet. You can also download the latest Poké Portal news by selecting Poké Portal from the X menu, then Mystery Gift, then Check Poké Portal News. You do not need a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership to receive the latest Poké Portal News.
– After completing certain postgame events, you’ll be able to find black Tera Raid crystals. However, players who haven’t completed these events may still participate in these Tera Raid Battles by joining other Trainers in multiplayer.
– A paid Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) is required to participate in Tera Raid Battles with other Trainers online. Terms apply. Learn more at

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