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Joint Referees Refresher Course up


Coming off a banner Premier Volleyball League season, the organizing Sports Vision is pulling out all the stops to make the league bigger and better with emphasis on mechanics and developing the refereeing skills, and keeping it in line with the current trends in the sport.
In fact, the PVL, in cooperation and under the guidance of the PNVF (Philippine National Volleyball Federation), will be conducting the PNVF Referees Refresher Course on Jan. 19-20 at the Philsports Arena in Pasig City.
“After rolling out the video challenge system last year, we’re kickstarting the new season with this Referees Refresher Course, which will now be a regular fare preparatory to the PVL having its own group of referees culled from the PNVF Licensed Referees,” said Sports Vision and PVL president Ricky Palou.
No less than Songsak Chareonpong, chairman of the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Committee, will grace the two-day event, which aims to improve and update the knowledge and competence of the participants as per international standards and at the same time encourage the development of refereeing skills not just in the league but also in the Spikers’ Turf.
“The Referees Refresher Course aims to fuse in the interpretation of rules, correct adoption of system with emphasis on mechanics and continue to promote the sport and develop and produce a new breed of volley referees,” said PNVF president Ramon “Tats” Suzara.
Registration starts at 8 a.m. with Palou, Suzara, and PNVF sec-gen Jose Donaldo Caringal to deliver welcome remarks, along with resource speakers PNVF R&RG chairman Yul Benosa and Chareonpong.

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