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10 Ways to Re-use Candle Jars

Instead of throwing away all of those great candle jars when you’ve finished with your candles, why not re-purpose them into a thoughtful gift or piece of home decor?

Before trying these ideas, here are a few tips:

To remove the label,  soak in hot soapy water for a few minutes and peel off the label. To remove the sticky residue, use steel wool or a scouring pad to wash the jar. You could also try using WD40 and wiping it off.

To remove wax…
First use an old knife to cut slashes into the wax.
Fill jar with boiling water – wax will liquify and float to the top.
Leave it as it is and let it cool for 15 minutes. The wax will harden and can be removed.
Use knife to remove any stuck pieces at bottom of jar.
Empty and refill with hot water, leave for 5 minutes.
Empty and use paper towel or cloth to remove any remaining wax.
If the wax is difficult to shift, repeat the last 2 steps.

PLEASE NOTE: Some people use these jars for food and drink. While there is no data to suggest that there is any problem with this, manufacturers do not advise it in case there is any chemical residue. Therefore, in this post, I will not be including food and drink ideas.

(All photos are linked to original source when possible)

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  1. Fill with memories
    Keep pebbles from a beach holiday, special items from your children, or anything else you’d like to keep to remind you of great times.HEADER-e1427051226817-862x562.jpg
  2. Re-use as tealight or votive holder
    This makes a great centrepiece, especially for a wedding. It would also look great at a garden party. You can put a votive or tealight inside the jar. You could fill it up with stones first to decorate a bit more. Also, quick tip, put some water in the bottom of the jar to stop candle wax sticking to it.enhanced-buzz-28371-1352404187-6.jpg
  3. Quirky vase
    Another idea for a centrepiece, but just as lovely in the home.enhanced-buzz-25189-1352473993-1 (1).jpg
  4. Plant pot
    All size jars make great plant pots. You could use them outside or indoors for growing herbs, flowers and house plants.
    download (1).jpg
    (Anybody know the source? I’d love to tag the owner!)


  5. Store make-up brushes and other beauty itemshowtocleanmakeupbrushes.jpg
  6. Store craft items
    A quirky way to store your craft collection items, such as washi tape, and it will be easy to find what you need! You could even decorate the jar with what’s inside.4d5f75ee5134946a3c00ed5fc32b68cd.jpg
  7. Gift Jars.
    Tie ribbon or twine around the top of the jar and fill with the receivers favourite items, such as craft items or a pamper set. You can get even fancier and add a chalkboard label or cute gift tag.77fe89a969ade08fe13c0072418195f7.jpg
  8. Terrarium
    These are really popular at the moment and you’ll find them in most stores. However, you can make them yourself for much cheaper and arrange it the way you like it.repurposed-candle-jar-planter.jpg
  9. Fill with fairy lights.
    For alternative lighting, you could put lights in one jar or spread them across a few (as below).DIY-fairy-lights-kilner-jar-display-for-christmas-5.jpg
  10. Desk Tidy
    Small jars can be used for paperclips, elastic bands, push pins and more. Large jars can be used to store pens and pencils and will look great on your desk!candle-stationery-jars.jpg

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Do you have any ideas? Comment below and let everyone know! Or if you have your own post, just post the link!

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